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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Glad You're Enjoying It, Mr. Johnson....

TJW has posted before on Tim Johnson's promise to serve only three terms, which he is reneging upon by running for reelection next year.

A concerned citizen reminds TJW of this television ad, which was run for Johnson during the tight 2000 primary:
The ad, entitled "Tractors," shows a farmer explaining that "Republican Tim Johnson supports term limits. For Johnson, three terms in Congress in enough — then it's back home. I like that, because it means we can trust Johnson to fight for smaller government and lower taxes — just like he's done in the General Assembly." (Emphasis added.)
Johnson himself made similar statements:
Johnson recently wrote an open letter to the citizens of Illinois outlining his commitment to term limits. In that letter, Johnson states, "This [term limits] pledge sends a message to the citizens of my district that their interests and concerns are foremost in my votes and day to day activities as a congressman. I will be looking out for the interests of my constituents, not the special interests of Washington, who often dictate the votes of career politicians." (Emphasis added.)
So, can we take Mr. Johnson at his word? Does Johsnon breaking his pledge "mean we can't trust Johnson"? Does it mean that he's become a "career politician" "looking out for" "the special interests in Washington" rather than his constituents"?

Well, at least he had a a good explanation for the reversal -- he's having too much fun!
“I made a mistake,” Johnson said. “I thought I could be an effective congressman under this pledge, and I think I have been, but in terms of assignments, committee and subcommittee assignments and what I can do for the district, I have learned that the pledge is limiting my effectiveness.” ...

I found out I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would,” he said. (Emphasis added.)
The News-Gazette points out that Johnson was a state legislator for 24 years and even sponsored term-limit legislation in the legislature. The notion that he was somehow unaware of the importance of seniority when he made his pledge is just not plausible. In other words, he lied.

Let's remember the words Mr. Johnson ran on in 2000:
For Johnson, three terms in Congress in enough — then it's back home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And your surprised? Everything about Johnson is phony. I can't believe this guy hasn't been busted for drugs. He used to be a big coke head.

3:26 PM  

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