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Monday, April 25, 2005

Johnson Remains Silent As Evidence Of DeLay Corruption Mounts

The evidence against Tom DeLay continues to mount, as the Washington Post reports that DeLay violated multiple House ethics rules in permitting his expenses for his airfare to London and Scotland to be charged to lobbyist Jack Abramoff (himself the target of a federal criminal investigation) and allowed other expenses to be charged to yet another lobbyist, Edwin Buckham.

It is over two weeks since Republican Representative Chris Shays called for DeLay to step down as Majority Leader.

As previously reported here, it is seven months since Republican Congressman Mark Steven Kirk, who represents Illinois' Tenth District, gave back all $20,000 he received from Tom Delay.

It is five months since DeLay had thee House ethics rules changed to protect himself -- a change that both Kirk and Ray LaHood opposed, while Johnson skipped out on the meeting.

Is Tim Johnson ever going to stand up to Tom DeLay and in favor of ethics in government? Is he ever going to give DeLay his $25,000 back?


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